Friday, August 21, 2009

Night and Day

Back in 1990 I did a picture with the idea of the two sides of life, "Night and Day" with the "Vampyre" and the "Angel", Light and Dark, not exactly good and evil. I liked the set and made the mistake of cutting them apart and matting them separate. I should have left this as one picture. It was 15 x 20, Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. They sold to one person thankfully. Trying to keep "new" posts on this weble I am sharing these.

I am working on new stuff, a shield for an SCA event and a "realistic" dragon commission. I hope by sometime next month to have some new art to post.


  1. Beauteous, Tristan...I just love the Pre-Raphaelite face of the angel of Day and his golden wings.
    Somehow I feel as though I should do only Realistic Art Drawn from Real World...but why? I am so tempted to do more fantasy pieces, even if they are unsellable.

  2. Thanks! I have discovered that if I try to do what I think will sell, it doesn't! If I do what I want and what I am happy with, it sells. Maybe you need to do some things with that in mind. Or, maybe for every 2 pictures you do that are NOT fantasy and are what you think of as sellable, you do 1 just for fun that is NOT realistic and gives you joy!!

  3. This is an awesome piece, you trully excel at this style for sure.

  4. Tristan:

    Another wonderful piece! I really like all parts of this work, but am especially fond of the small logo of "dark and light" at the bottom.

    Regarding the other work you hinted at in the end of your message, any chance of getting to see photos of the pieces? I'd really like to see your realistic dragon....