Friday, July 17, 2009

Sad News

I have not gotten any more info and don't have confirmation of this, but I got an email today that said;

"I just received word that Duchess Arielle the Golden passed away early this morning. She fought a long battle with cancer as I'm sure many of you know. She was the epitome of grace and she will be missed very much. I do not know any other details, but I wanted to let the Barony know so that we can keep her family and Duke Valharic in our thoughts and prayers today."

I wish I could believe this was not true but since I know she had been fighting cancer for several years, it does not seem like a hoax.

Duchess Arielle and I had our issues but she was a great and generous lady and it is a great loss to the Kingdom. (for those who don't understand the titles and terms being used, look up

This art is not a picture of Duchess Arielle (she was MUCH prettier and blond) but it was what I had that I thought would fit this news etc.

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