Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I did on my Summer Vacation

OK, so it wasn't really my Summer vacation (that will be in 3 weeks when I am at Pennsic for 2 weeks). BUT, this is what I did while away visiting my mother. I got most of it done on the trip and finished it up when I got home. Mostly just smoothing out a few things and doing final details and now it is done. I have a wonderful book on Coyotes and this was inspired by it and referenced from it. "Coyote Twilight", 12 x 12 on tan paper, Acrylic, watercolor colored pencil and Pro White. Just the Native American god/demi god/immortal waiting for the night to fall. $150 (picture 40)


  1. I like it... even though it IS a filthy coyote.

  2. Modern Humans have so many wrong headed ideas...

  3. BAD RYAN BAD! go sit in the corner!

    HAWT! though when coytoe appeared to me all those years ago he was more brown! still hawt!

    OH also i found something awesome at Pat Catans for replacing the glass in frames. it is in the poster paper area of all places. Poster sized sheets of clear acrylic like plastic. (very clear stuff) easy to cut and flexible as all get out. does scratch like acrylic but not all that easily. used it to replace the glass in the geisha i did. wondeirng if i should open it back up to put glass back in it or not since the plastic is holding up nice.

    oh and again HAWT!