Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Well, I am not off to Pennsic yet (next Saturday), but the theme of "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish" was what I was given as the idea for Arisia (a scifi con in Boston) that I was artist guest of honor at back in 2001. That is a hard "theme" to try and do art for. The T-shirt ended up with a merman in a space suit and the con badge was this "Space Dolphin". The design was black and white for them to print but I did a colored version which I really liked. This is how it came out with the wording removed. I think it was about 3 x 5 on Bristol paper in Pigma marker. The colored version is watercolor colored pencil and acrylic.


  1. You may remember that I wrote the "appreciation" piece for you as Guest of Honor at Arisia, which was the only Arisia I've ever attended.

  2. Yes Pyra, I remember that well! It was a lovely bit of writing and I got great joy from your words. Thanks again! That was my only Arisia as well, but it was one of the BEST, no it was the best Artist Guest of Honor experience I ever had. It was amazing and a great thing for someone who had just had cancer sergery. It helped me forget the cancer and heal I think.