Monday, July 13, 2009

So Called Followers

I guess my "followers' are all asleep or on vacation or something. I have seen little to no comments in a while now. Dawn is supposed to have more free time but hasn't commented in a while. Ryan comments, such as it is. Russell has so much going on and almost never comments, Jon is dealing with health probs and I know others have lives. I just wonder sometimes if this is more work than I should bother with? I will not post for 2 weeks starting on the 25th (off to War). Rambling away (which I hate on these things...)


  1. Enjoy your Pennsic trip!

  2. comment junkie you are!!!! love you, sorry i have barely been posting on my own blog nevermind commenting on others.

  3. OK, Pennsic is still 2 weeks away (slightly less than).
    Russell, yes, I know I am. And you will note I said you had stuff going on so I understand that you don't have time, energy etc to comment. Please try and relax once in a while.
    Love you too.

  4. Tristan: It's not a question of health problems, it's a question of habits. Mostly, habits I don't develop, such as checking various websites every day. Sorry that I've not been looking and commenting much of late. I wish I could say I'll post more again in the near future, but saying "near" may be difficult to achieve. Of course, writing comments to your wonderful work is the least I could do. And we both know that I'm famous for doing the least I can do....