Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cover Idea Help

OK, I still have the writing to do for this book but it looks like "Fey Folk" my book featuring Elf art, will be my next one published/printed. I had the cover idea of "Elven Sailor" several years ago when I first was putting this book together. However, I have done several new Elf related pictures in the years since and will be adding them to the book and removing some older less good works. I also have a couple other cover ideas. "First Frost" being one I really love and think might make a good cover. Here are the two cover ideas I currently am considering. Please help me by giving your opinion of which you think would be the better cover.


  1. I think that both pieces are beautiful but that "Elven Sailor" lends itself more to cover art. Because the artwork does not cover the whole page, it makes the title and your byline easier to read. The silver-colored text on "First Frost"--while probably one of the few colors that would show up well against both the dark and medium-light in the background--nonetheless gets lost a bit against the shadows of the trees, and it doesn't pick up as well (at least to me) on the colors in the artwork itself. "Elven Sailor" does; the whole page looks cohesive. (I hope this is making sense. This is one hazard of making Tristan Weble Night late on Thursdays! :^P)

    Also, you Elven sailor looks a bit like my Maedhros. That's entirely irrelevant, except perhaps for the fact that it biases me a bit toward him!

  2. Well, so far, on FurAfinity, "Elven Sailor" seems to be the definate favorite of the two. I think the fact that I laid out this cover many years ago is part of why I am thinking of something different. It's a good cover, I am just so used to it already it seems old and I want something new...

  3. From the practical point of view, the sailor cover makes it easier to have more contrast between the text and background.

    Also, if you are possibly going to sell the book at a convention, etc, you may not be alowed to display a cover with nudity. (At least not without the strategically placed sticky note!)