Friday, September 25, 2009

Cover or Not

I have been commissioned to do a cover for a book. Don't get to excited , its a private commission by the author and not by a publishing company so it's not going to make me rich or famous. It is a great story and I hope the cover helps sell the book and that it is what the author wants. So far, it has had some miner reworking (I hope it won't need anything more or major). I will also be designing some logo style symbols for his space ships and Intergalactic governments. If he gives me permission I will give you more info on the book, but for now, here is the cover (I hope) for "Starstruck".

Feedback and comments are really wanted on this one. I don't do technical/space/SciFi that much and I know it is not as crisp as it maybe should be. 49


  1. It certainly suggests a the astronaut on the right letting the one on the left go? Is this a romantic encounter in space? And is the astronaut on the left missing his lower legs, or are his knees just bent so that you can't see his feet.
    And also, where will the title and author name go...I suppose to the upper left, and maybe in the black space in between the two figures.

  2. I put the title in on another copy and it fits just fine top center, somewhat in line with the top astronaut. The lower one has legs, you just can't see them at the angel with them slightly bent (I studied actual space walk pics to get these as right as I could). The idea behind the pic is not exactly a scene from the story, more of an alagory of the story. The two are trying to find each other/become one/connect throughout the story and one is always reaching out to the other.

  3. Slowly, slowly, is arrived far, or, Poco a poco se llega lejos, or, Piano, piano si va lontano. Courage!

    Thanks for the comment even if I don't understand it.

  5. Tristan, what "Hombres" means is something like, "Slowly, slowly, we drift apart."

    As for comic book/graphic story frames, I am learning as I am doing art for "Ayn Rand Comics" from a recent book called COMIC BOOK DESIGN by Gary Spencer Millidge. It's in full color and packed with ideas. You can get it from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

  6. I like it! I rarely can think of anything critical to say about artwork; my brain isn't trained to think that way just yet. :) But as far as positives go, it leaves plenty of room for text--titles and bylines--that won't have to compete with the images or textured/patterned backgrounds. I think it will make a sharp-looking cover design!