Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Well it's my birthday, September 10th. I am 53 today, boy that sounds old but I don't feel old. I will always be an 8 year old inside. I thought about posting a picture of me with one of my kid friends, or a picture of my son (when he was little). I considered several of my favorite pictures but I have decided that since I dislike pictures of myself I would post something else that represents me. In the SCA (and in general when talking about heraldry) your Arms (heraldic symbol) represent you. So here is the top of a Jewelry box I painted with my accomplishment of Arms in a Renaissance style.


  1. Well dear enjoy and many more to come, enjoy yours, i counldnt enjoy mine because my grandma passed the the day after so enjoy ;)

  2. Thanks for words of thought about my grams
    (just found out how to read the comments on my blog)
    Once more enjoy your birthday;)

  3. Happy birthday! I would sing for you, but I think we both know you don't want that. ;)

  4. 53?!?!?! Rumor on the street is you just celebrated your 21st!