Sunday, September 20, 2009

SCA Project

I am the Arts and Sciences Champion for my local SCA group and because of that it was my duty to represent the Barony at an event this past Saturday. The theme of the competition was Lida's Twins, these would be Castor and Pollux the Gemini twins. I did a box (painted it) and a medallion. The box is 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and the medallion (also wood) is a 1 3/4 circle. The box was based on a manuscript page from the 15th or 16th century France. The medallion is based on a manuscript page from the 12th century, England.
Picture 46 and 47 for the year.


  1. So that's what medieval men's underwear looked like!

  2. No, I did not win. I thought my score was pretty good but a woman who's work is ok but not really that good, won. I don't know why she won and it bugs me that she did. Not becasue I didn't, but because there were other entries that were far better than hers.

  3. Ah, so you didn't paint them naked! :D

    It's lovely, though! I'm a bit biased in thinking that you should have won. ;) And I'm still enough of a newbie that I don't think I should have an opinion on A&S competitions yet, but I will say that I rarely hear good things about them, mostly a lot of complaints that there is too much politics involved and not enough recognition for work that has less of a "yay-shiny!" appeal but required a good amount of research, effort, knowledge, and/or skill. Incidentally, the same thing is often said about writing competitions ...

    What kind of paint did you end up using?

  4. the box was done in Acrylic and the medallion was done in egg tempera.