Friday, September 11, 2009

Day After my Birthday

Since my birthday fell on Thursday this year, and my husband has choir practice and visits his parents on Thursdays, my "celebration" will be this weekend. And so, I can post another picture just because it's a favorite of mine. "Leaf Wing" was done as a black and white but just screamed for color. I adore this picture! The leaves and the pose and just everything about it makes me happy with it. It was printed on "goldenrod" cardstock and then hand colored with Acrylic.


  1. I love the colors on "Leafwing" and the Mucha-style ring in the background. And all that stipple work! You are a patient person.
    And happy birthday, may good spirits amuse you.

  2. i need better acrylics. mine get so nasty when thinned down.
    this is quite gorgeous! the colours are amazing.

    and happy b-day