Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Equality the Exception

With rare exception, this Weble is NOT about what I think or feel about anything other than art. This is the exception! My husband and I have been together 25 years, we are not recognised as a couple by the Government, we do not have the same rights as our straight friends and our marriage is not protected/recognised by the State! SO, October 10-11 is when a March on Washington is happening http://equalityacrossamerica.org/ and I ask anyone who is Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered or have friends or family who are to please come to DC and make it clear we ALL deserve the same rights! My 25 year committed relationship is worth just as much as ANY straight persons marriage and I deserve the same rights as they have!

"Gay Celts in Love", hand colored print.

1 comment:

  1. I still need to rabble-rouse a bit and see if I can convince anyone else to come down but I, at least, will be there. :)