Tuesday, December 15, 2009

29 Followers, Almost No Comments

I suppose the Holidays are partly to blame. Many of you are to busy with shopping etc to look at this and leave comments. I have tried not to complain about the lack of feedback (recently) but since again, I have to say getting feedback is WHY I have this Weble! I am ending my facebook page at the start of the new year...maybe I should give up on this thing as well?


  1. Tristan: I hardly get any comments on mine other than the ones you write. If you do a blog in order to get people to see your work and comment, you'll have to do a lot more advertising. I do my blog mostly for my own personal satisfaction, and am not too disappointed when I don't get comments. Of course I would like people to see it. Often I don't know who is looking but not commenting.

  2. Tristan,

    I really love your art. I especially like art like your picture of the Merboy. What a beautiful face! And I like your Tarot cards very much, too. Your Tarot seems to project meaning. Those are what have recently attracted me the most.

    I do not like to say anything negative, since your art is so excellent. But I am disturbed a little bit by the figures with mechanical body parts. Even mechanical wings. Periodically I take a friend to the VA hospital, since he cannot drive. And while there I always see people with mechanical arms, legs, and etc. I know that is not what you are painting. But I mentally make the association. I do not want to discourage you. Please don’t stop doing what you feel is right.

    Don’t let me put you down at all. I follow your Weble because I like your art so very much. I will try to be more responsive in the future. I want to see more. And more. And MORE.

    Thank you very much for posting your art.


  3. I do normally read/look at what you post but I don't always have something to say, and when I look at things is not always timely as I often don't catch up on my blog reading that frequently. So I read/look far more often than I comment.

    As for gathering more comments, the aformrntioned idea of advertising has merit, though I admit I'm not sure how
    I'd go about doing that.