Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have You Seen This Child?

Actually, he is now 25, so if you recognize him from this picture of him at 8, you most likely can't help me find him. This is my "long lost" son, Joey (or Joe as he later preferred). We haven't seen or heard from him in 5 years now. He was at Pennsic for our 20th anniversary and made up with us, told us he loved us and gave us a drawing. But he disappeared soon after and I have no idea where he is or how he is. I miss him. "Joey/Cupbearer", 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, marker and zipatone on paper.


  1. I have read over few other post about your son and have show alot of your art to a few good friends at my job and we discuss your work all the time. We are all wondering what the story behind your son. Is he adopted, biological... did he run or move away? We would all like to know...

  2. It is a long convoluted story. He is adopted, biracial. His mother was in his life but I was the only dad he ever knew (his biological father abandoned him when he was 2). Joe was with us and his mom back and forth till he was 13, then my husband and I got joint (between us) custody of him. Up till then he and I loved each other so much no one failed to notice how close we were. But when we were getting joint custody, having fhim fully wih us and not his mom at all, we had to try and find/contact his biological father for legal reasons (even though the man NEVER paid child support, contacted him or did ANYTHING that he legaly and morally should have done as a father). Once Joe knew his biological father was alive, he wanted to talk to him, and after he did, he started being a real problem child and getting into major problems. I won't go into alot of the details, but he left us to go back to his mom when he was 16 and we could not live with him. He started being abusive with her and she kicked him out. He ended up in state custody till he turned 18. He had no contact with us for 4 years and no one seemed to know where he was etc. Then at our 20th anniversay (just before he turned 20) he showed up. Made up with us, told us he loved us and all seemed to be going well for him and I was happy. Not long after that however, he moved, we all (his mother included) lost contact with him) and we haven't seen him or heard from him since. Last news I heard (not confirmd) was that he stole alot of money from an employer and skipped the state he was in.

  3. Thank you Tristan. It sad to hear about what he did to those who loved and cared for him. I cant tell you anything you already dont know. I can give a small tip or hint on a way to find or look for him. But fair warning it's a double edge sword. You maybe able to find him but when you see the site you will know it a little harded then it looks. I will send it to via email because I dont want the world to know my cheater trick to find people.
    All I can really say is I hope you can find him and ...........