Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot Holiday Bunns

OK, these are not the kind you may have been thinking of. My Vampyre, Valentene (I have a story I have been writing about him for many years now) is not effected by the cold or heat and so wears only a dark blue cloak. He seduces men for food and uses his "charms" to draw them in. I was pleased with this as the strong light and dark, and the details of the background work well for me. I am also happy with his hands, something I normally have trouble with and don't think I do very well. He is NOT part of any game or anyone else's story line, he is all mine and based on the actual Vampyric lore from Europe. "Valentene; Tender Trap", marker on paper, 5 x 9 (or about that).


  1. Nice work, if there is a story I wouldn't mind here it. He one hot vampyre and wouldn't mind a bit from him :)

  2. Hadn't really thought about why Valentene wore just a cloak before, but the explanation makes sense, and I can't blame him one bit. I'm certainly wouldn't mind not having to bundle up in the winter!