Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 Posts No Comments

I first thought that with the holidays, more people would have time to post comments. I guess I was wrong since I have had less since "the Holidays" started. Just making an observation ... trying not to complain that I get no feedback. I hope the second year of this Weble will see more comments and feedback.


  1. Some people(me) have been sick and havent felt like getting online... hope your holiday's went well....

  2. OK, I posted a response and it just disapeared...I hate computers!

    Thanks for your comments and we had a good Christmas. Our New Years should be quiet.
    I hope yours was/will be good!

  3. I'm always looking. Sometimes I comment. I appreciate you commenting on my stuff, most of the time you are the only one. As always, I recommend that you advertise, with many places online available for free. Also, are you on any other art forums online where you can show your work? Have you tried "DeviantArt?" (which is not about being "deviant," in the negative sense).

  4. I dislike Deviant Art but I am on FurAffinity. How do I advertise? I have no clue.