Thursday, December 3, 2009


If I follow the path of Tao, I will have to learn to be balanced. I will have to learn to "go with the flow" and to seek harmony. This picture came to mind not long after looking into Taoism and seeing it as a better path for me. "Koi Balance", 6 x 6 Acrylic and Prisma Color on blue paper. Picture 65.
The original is for sale for $40.


  1. Lovely piece though I remember it being a bit brighter in "real life."

    "Balance?" Talking of "balance" is like waving a red flag in front of me. It gets me cranky. I am a very unbalanced person and glad to be so. To me, "balance" means stagnation. The most important thing for me is to keep moving, motivated, and productive, and not to go with any perceived flow or seek or force an artificial harmony.

  2. Hmmm sorta a comment to the above. Balance in the werstern mind is a stagnant position. in the eastern mind it is filled with change. a mobile or pendulum is a balanced thing but both move and teeter. the flow is not so much just relaxing into a calm stream but also having to go over the rapids or sit for long periods in the still pools or going over the water fall. tumbling along being shaped and chipped away and polished like a rock in a stream. the balance of yin and yang is not stagnant. it is a dynamic thing where in tensions between the two keep all things in balance. One can know that any swing to far to one side will be balanced by an equal swing backwards. and the wheel will turn.

    I am oft amazed at the difference in the ways minds precieve certain concepts. it is facinating to me.

  3. Pyra, I did this picture yesterday so you have never seen it in "real life". I guess it just looks "familiar". As for balance, to me, "Law" is stagnation, "Chaos" is well, chaos, and "Balance" is action or movement with purpose. Micheal Moorcock used these ideas in his "Eternal Champion" books. They always appealed to me and now it makes even more sense.

  4. When someone talks about "balance," to me, I know that they probably get up real early in the morning, do some healthful exercise, and eat lots of vegetables, or are vegetarians. I am up all night and I eat god knows what, but certainly not vegetables unless they are unrecognizable. If something is TOO "balanced," I will only too gladly kick it out of balance. I told you I was cranky.
    As for the fish picture, I thought you had done an underwater scene like that but in clearer recall it was a mechanical koi made of shiny metal.

  5. okay, now i see what you mean. ^^

    i am also a great believer in balance as well as karma. i think a lot of that came from desire as a result of my bipolar, but i still have strong feelings about equality in a lot more respects then the normal social ones.