Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Time, Another Me

Back when I was in my 20's, I painted a large self portrait. This was done during a winter when I had little to do but work at a job that was not stimulating and paint. I have very few of the works I did then saved. But this 30 x 40 painting on canvas is still with me. My mother liked this so much she now has a print of it hanging in her livingroom. I was blond (which she said she didn't like) and this is an odd cross time self portrait. The face is me then, the background is from my memories of Atlantis and my first incarnation (Nothing to do with lasers and high tech etc). The triangular building in the distance is the Temple Mountain, a temple to the Moon God. If anyone wants to know more about my memories of Atlantis etc. feel free to ask.

I love the staff and want one! The only things in this picture that were physically there for me to paint were me, the crystal and the sea shells. Everything else came from my mind.


  1. Tristan:

    I remember seeing this! Back in the day, visiting you at your dad's place, you were still working on this piece. "A work in progress," you commented.

    I'm so happy that you finished this portrait. And I'm also happy that your mom has a print of it to display.

    There's something ethereal, something mystical, something otherworldly about this portrait. I can easily see you in it, as you were then, but I can also see *past* that image somehow and see so much more.

    Thanks so much for posting this. The memories it stirs are quite welcome.

  2. Not bad looking, Tristan. Not bad looking.

  3. wow! inspiring!

    i indeed would like to hear more about your memories of atlantis. if you could talk to me about on fa or threw e-mail so i can be sure to see it, i would be most grateful. :)