Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Facebook or NOT to Facebook

OK, I hate "social networking" by computer, it's not really social and I am not a fan of computers. I made the effort/concession to have this Weble at the start of the year and it has been ok. It has at least let me get a little feedback on my work and keep track of what I have done during the year art wise.
Now I have been asked by several people to get on Facebook. I really dislike Facebook and some part of me sees it as a plot to keep tabs on us all and get information for not the best purposes!
What do any of you think? Should I cave to "peer pressure" and follow the crowd and be a computer sheep and get on Facebook?


  1. well think about it, are u that atched to your computer. my friends want me to join it to is i just dont have time. i mean i have myspace and maybe log in once or twice a month if that at all. It not worth the time.

  2. Andy, that is one of my concerns. I am not a computer person and spend way more time on it than I like now. If I had a Facebook page would that mean even more time spent on it?

  3. I know people using facebook in their late 70's... it's a great tool... if you are paranoid about the man watching you... don't join a bunch of groups, add a bunch of apps, and give it no more info than you have on your blog... which is fully visible on all search engines, unlike facebook. If you set your facebook profile to private, only your added friends can view it.

  4. I like what you are doing now. I do not look at Facebook, and I almost certainly never will. I do not like that type of Internet site.
    However, perhaps you would sell more pictures if you went on Facebook. I don't know.
    What you do is your business. My suggestion is to do what pleases you the most.
    As I said, I like what you are doing now. I like your Weble a lot.

  5. I really like Facebook. I can see what my friends are doing. I don't spend much time on it. I check in for about 15 minutes, read what I want, leave a comment or two, then leave. You can show art there and get more feedback. The "chat" feature is good if you see someone you want to talk to online. It has on occasion been a huge support for me in bad moments.
    But be warned. DO NOT play any of the "games." DO NOT answer their stupid "questionnaire" games. And DO NOT get involved in any groups there other than ones which relate to your personal interests and career. Remember: DO NOT play any of the "games."
    You have to control your contacts and activity in Facebook. Don't let it control you.