Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well Deserved

I just went to an SCA event where I delivered a scroll to the King and Queen so they could award someone for their accomplishments in the arts. The Pearl is the kingdom of Atlantia's Arts award. My apprentice, Amie Sparrow, was the recipient. I did the scroll and that is what is posted here. She does amazing costuming and research/documentation, nothing I taught her, so while I am proud, I can take no credit. I also passed on my Pearl medallion, which had belong to 2 other men before me. This was approximately 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, done in Acrylics on Velum (animal skin not paper), the ink is Oak Gall ink (and the really bad calligraphy is also by me). This is my 63rd picture of the year.


  1. tsaritsa? i thought it was tsarina. or is that their equivalent of princess?

    i like how the flower goes through the velum like that.

    also only 63rd piece? i so figured it would have been in the hundreds

  2. Yea, I think "Tzritsa' is odd to, I have no idea where they got it.
    And I also expected to have more than 63 pictures but I have been very productive and yet that is all the pictures I have done so far this year!

  3. that is still quite a respectful number! at least it is to me. ^^;

    also, what does a piece of Velum cost you?

  4. Velum varies from $35 to $20 per half sheet from my source. That is about 20 x 30 (maybe a bit under). You can spend a whole lot more depending who you get it from. Since I do smaller scrolls usualy, I manage to get maybe 8 or more scrolls from a half sheet.