Friday, November 13, 2009

Medival, Sort Of

I realized I have not posted much of my SCA scroll work here, only the new stuff I have done this year. So here is a bad scan (all I have of it) of a periodish piece. It is based on Celtic works but also on more modern/realistic Celtic art. If I can ever get a good scan of it I would love to sell prints of the panels (the Raven side and the Hern side). This was an open commission, they paid me but didn't give me much in the way of what they wanted, other than their AoA (Award of Arms) scroll. Personally I love it and will get a good scan eventually if I bug the owner for enough years! It is 9 x 12 or so if I remember right. Acrylic on watercolor paper or Bristol, again, I can't recall. This was done back in the early 90's I think.


  1. Very nice design, I like the predominance of red. Is the calligraphy yours as well?

  2. While I do calligraphy (mostly bad) I think as good as this looks I must have had someone else do it. It looks way to good to be mine.