Friday, November 13, 2009

Understanding Better

This is another non art related post (well only art connected indirectly). I have only been seeing creation in a different light for what, less than a week, just over a week? It has already been an amazing experience. While I am in no way against any one believing whatever they want, I now not only don't believe in any "religion" but I don't like to use the work believe. I have a different understanding, and while I feel I am on the right path, I can not say it is the only path or that I am not way off the truth. If the Devine Spirit, Creator or whatever you want to call it is "God" for you, that is fine, but for me the word God is just to limited a concept and I won't use it anymore. Devine Spirit is ok but still so not right, but I guess I have to call it something. The Universe is another term but that has a "physical" definition already and that is of course to limited as well.
The way I see it, it would be like one of my cells saying that it understood how I thought or what I felt and of course, it is nothing like me even though it is part of me. It has no clue or concept of what I want, think, feel. So when ANYONE or any book claims to tell us what "God" wants, thinks or feels, you can be sure they don't really have a clue!
In the time since my eyes have been opened I have learned SO much. I am beginning to think that being a "Christian" or "Muslim" or following any religion makes you blind to the truth. We are taught that we should believe a certain way, not question anything and do what our "leaders" tell us. This is stupidity and goes against any idea of freedom or of real thought.
I still plan to post art and not other stuff here, but my brain is so full now of these new thoughts, ideas and understandings that I had to put it down someplace.
The Infinite..maybe that is the right term, is so far beyond our understanding that we all are delusional and maybe even insane to not only claim we have the answers, but to claim they come from "God". We can only try and live as the best we can be and to be one with everything. Hate and fear and judgment are all in opposition to this goal. Guilt and self loathing or doubt and trying to force anyone to be anything that they are not, is simply wrong. Using "God" or religion to justify hate and prejudice is evil and vile and we should all fight this. And claiming that it is not hate of prejudice because your "religion" says whatever you are being against is wrong, is just a lie deep inside, those who claim that excuse know they are wrong.

OK, I am starting to sound like I am preaching so I will stop. If anyone actually reads this and wants to discuss anything I will happily go on in private or in comments.


  1. Tristan:

    Here is a quotation you might like. It is the way I look at things.

    "I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief." – Gerry Spence.’

    We used to communicate years ago when you published the Blue Feather. I still miss the Blue Feather.

    Don D.

  2. Don, that is a great quote, thanks. Do you now follow my Weble?

  3. Tristan,

    Yes, I follow your Weble. I like it.