Monday, November 30, 2009

In Case You Missed It

In case anyone missed the "memo", I am no longer a Christan and do not believe in God in any way you would understand. The Magic Old man in the sky who rewards "good" boys and girls who follow his supposed rules in (pick a "Holy" book ANY "Holy" book) and punishes "bad" boys and girls with eternal torment is a MYTH, a LIE, NOT TRUE in any form!!
This may sound like I am angry, but really I am just upset that I wasted so bloody much of my time worrying about, thinking about and "practicing" things related to the fantasy of "Christianity".
I am not an atheist, I have experienced way to much to not understand that there is much more to reality than what we know and see. But If their is a being that created all things, It doesn't care what we do! If it is ALL powerful and wanted humans to be good, the world would not be what it is today. Religion is a man made thing, designed to control and manipulate people. That is ALL it is, it does not make the world better in any way! There is good and evil but how can anyone claim that they know what "God" wants or thinks? Life is for living not wasting it trying to do the right things according to some MAN who says "God" wants you to wear this or eat that or hate this person or that one. Wasting your life planing for or fearing the afterlife is STUPID! If there is an afterlife then be the best person you can be (NOT by following stupid rules but by treating others right) and I am sure you will get what you deserve. Living JUST for what you get after you die is crazy!! OK, I will stop this rant for now, but please THINK, if someone said they believed in aliens who put humans on Earth and will be coming back to take those who believe in them to a better place but leave "nonbelievers" to would think that person was insane! And if they could decide what rights you could have and what you couldn't' have, I don't think you would be to please with it or tolerant of that craziness. Well that is what "Christianity" is to me!


  1. Well Tristan, you put out a deep thinker. I can agree with you in some ways and disagree in others. I was raised in a mixed reglion home and have learned to look in many way and have adopted a simple belief or philosophy if you will..."Belive and pratice in what you want.Dont push it on me." We discussed this in my Student success class and someone ask me why I dont I judge when it come to other such as terrorist and I simplely answered "is it your belief?" no they answer so I said excatly... it not my belief but I strive to understand why and the reason why someone would. It not my belief or moral to do what ours do. My parent are brought me up with amny belief includeing gay was evil and wrong but through friend i have learned that its a way of life and should be accepted. remeber belive what youy want just dont push it.

  2. Andy, the good thing about the path I am now starting on, is that Tao doesn't push anything!
    And I tried most of my life to go the way you say, "Belive what you want, just don't try to force others to belive your way". But WAY to many people don't follow that and so I must remove myself from association with them.