Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Visions

Actually I did this a while ago, in 2001. This was partly inspired by an artist whose work combines amazing pencil work with color. I really like it but his is much better. I may try more in this style someday but for now it's more or less a one of a kind where my work is concerned. "Emerald Eyes", about 10 x 10 I think. Pencil and watercolor colored pencil with a tiny bit of Acrylic on Canson paper.


  1. i would indeed love to see more of these by your had. i hope some day you do chose to. or maybe, i'll commission you one day for one. ^^

  2. I would like the green leaf work as a tattoo one day, to be a shoulder peice and drape down my arm. One day possibly.

  3. Well Russ, someday I would love to design a tattoo for you.