Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Warning, NON Art Related RANT

I have been a Christian for most of my life. I have believed in the Christan God in one form or another since I was 6. I am no longer a Christan! When the Bigots who deny me the same Rights as everyone else, and who lie and spread hate claim to be Christians, I can no longer be associated with that religion. I have fought and argued that the Bigots and hatters are a minority and not "real" Christians, but you know, apparently they ARE! So unless God makes a miracle and Gays get the same Rights as everyone else in the next few months, I am NOT a Christian!


  1. wow! that's one hell of a life style change! i am sorry that religion exists myself. belief is a beautiful thing to me and something i respect. it's just that, when they started adding rules, it went down hill in a hurry. at least that's the way i look at it. :/

  2. I still belive in a Devine Spirit that is why everything is as it is, I just think that if you base your life on following a book, ANY book, written by Men (Bible and Koran are BOTH writen by Men) then you have a problem. If you follow stupid rules out of FEAR of going to Hell and waste your life hoping for something better in the Afterlife, You have a problem. ANY book or person who says they know what "God" thinks, feels or wants, IS LIEING!! We have no clue what any being powerful enough to make creation is thinking or wants. We can't even tell what the person next to us, our brother, lover or friend is thinking or really wants, how can we possibly KNOW the mind of the Devine??