Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Hell With it All

Ha Ha, not really, those who know me may be shocked cause I don't cuss... and I still don't. In this case I am posting a picture of Lucifer, in Hell, so...

I did this for my black and white book "Darkness & Light; Demons and Angels". I love this and want very much to do a color version...some day I will and someday I will stop using 3 little dots in this post, lol. This is called "Lucifer's Lament" and has the King of Hell lamenting his fall from Heaven (all a lovely myth). The flames in the background and the clouds and towers of Heaven in the box. Lots of subtle stippling and I think a good pose, marker on Bristol, 8 1/2 x 11.


  1. Tristan,

    In my opinion this is an excellent piece of art. There is a nice slant to it to make a good composition. The drawing is smooth and attractive. He has his hand on his head. Perhaps he is showing regret that he fell. Anyway I like it. I can imagine what it would look like colored. Thanks for posting it.


  2. his hand weaving into his hair is a very nice touch. ^^

  3. Tempting. He's very tempting ;-)

  4. As a fan of Milton's Paradise Lost, let me just say this wonderful piece sends me over the devil's moon. In other words, I love it. I'm in awe of your command of the human figure, and the regret is palpable here.

  5. love the horns. I am so awed by the wings you do...