Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Pip Post

I did a second picture of "Pip" (created because of FurAfinity). I like the picture and it did have a a lesson in it. I started it and the hand was just wrong. I drew it several times and still was not happy with it. I settled for a hand that seemed ok, but it wasn't. As I got almost finished with the picture I just couldn't stand the hand so I painted it out. I added the gauntlet (which I was very pleased with) and it gave the picture a focus. 8 1/2 x 11 Acrylic, watercolor colored pencil and Prisma color on Canson board. "Pip's New Toy" picture 36


  1. LOL, well since I haven't seen yours I can't use it as a model, hehe. Actually I only do what seems appropriate (Elves and bat boys just don't seem the circumsized types).

  2. He has the witch blade! now we are all screwed.

    he is cute and i am going to have to try a pic of him sometime soon though i did find another bat recently that i want to draw an anthro of. It is a White Bat from south america. it makes leaf tents to sleep in has snow what fur but bright yellow nose and ears and other showing skin. i think it is from Honduras. but it is CUTE!

  3. Theddy/Akira, it's NOT the "Witchblade" only females can use that thing! And a version of Pip by you would be COOL!