Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

I remember walking home from school when I was in first and second grade on May Day and picking flowers to put in my May basket (we made them in class). I always loved it, maybe a throw back to past lives or maybe just Spring!

I used to do TONS of black and white art (I love it but color is faster and sells better). I Love color as well and someday will do another color version of this ( know I did one at some point but can't find a copy). The tradition of the may Pole that has been turned into a sappy "G" rated celebration with girls in pastel colored dresses dancing around a striped pole is based on the original May Day celebrations that were NOT "G" rated. The real may Pole is a phallus! So here is one of my more "correct" May Pole pictures. "Pan, May Pole", 8 1/2 x 5 on Bristol paper in ink.


  1. Happy May Day indeed! :D I like your version so much better! I never looked good in pastel anyway. ;)

  2. wish i had a maypole to dance around. and yeah colour sells better which is why my stuff needs colour. but honestly i think black and white can take more effort and skill in it's own ways. after all not everyone can handle stipple and other techniques of black and white.