Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank God... OK maybe not this one

This weekend I went to Balticon, a large SciFi convention in the Baltimore area (we commute to it since we live only about an hour away from the hotel it is held at. I Did pretty good, sold several picture (nothing for huge amounts but still, sold stuff). I did better last year, but I can't complain about how things went this year. I got a commission for a nice price and that helps too. This picture is NOT one I took to the con, I wanted to, but since I did 31 pictures this year, I had so much new stuff I had to not take something.

I did this last year and I love the piece (ya, I know, I love to many of my pictures). I hope someone buys it this year, but we will see. It is large 16 x 23 (how I came up with that size for a picture I have no clue...maybe it was to fit the frame.) It is the God Hern (or Hurn), one of my favorite Celtic Gods. He is both hunter and hunted in his legends and here I have him as a bit of both. There are wolves on the shore and I have no idea if they are hunting him or he is hunting them, or what. "Hurn/Hunt" Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board.


  1. do not normally get to say this about a guy but NICE RACK!

    and if he was from Arrakis he would have a nice spice rack!

    if it was used to keep heraldry it would be a coat rack

    if you tied a flight feather to it and used it to steer him it would be rack and pinion steering!

    i think it would be fun to be stretched on that rack!

    i am guessing this will be at pennsic then?

  2. I bet you racked your brain for those!
    Yes, It will be at Pennsic, or a print will be.

  3. wow. just wow. I LOVE this.