Thursday, May 21, 2009

If You Can Read This...

I did this many years ago and I still like it allot. The Gryffon is real (I own it, it is an antique hood ornament I inherited from my father). The background is Atlantis rising and is some of my better buildings (not something I think I do well). The writing is in Atilantiss (a language I made up in high school for a book I was writing) it is an Atlantian prophesy from my book that talks about Atlantis Rising. This was done on Canson board in Acrylics, I am not sure if I used watercolor colored pencil or not and I cannot remember the size. "Atlantis Rising"

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  1. You know that writing looks kinda like the stuff in my dreams i used to have. it belonged to a race of animal people. it was a very complex language when written with phonograms and ideograms and adjectives were often things added to a ideogram. there were also things that existed in the language such as to indicate something as big or many was a mark indicating doubling of the ideogram. the same mark for both. but the rest of the writing would inidcate if it was for size or number. I never even got all the phonograms written down. just a few for human noises. they also had some seriously interesting cultural things like building food stores like Mud Dauber wasps build nests. tubes on wals made of bands of clay that were chambered. each chamber was filled with one kind of grain or preserved food for the winter or rainy season (everything kind of looked tropical) so that it was like only opening up small jars but they could be built all the way up to the ceiling and on top of each other. the clay had a high salt content which kept things dry.

    they also drank a form of tea that was most deffinitely not tea. they used various muds and soils. they would mix it up and depending on the earth used they would either let it settle out and drink the clear liquid or drink it muddy and cloudy. they also dipped mugs into troughs of green life filled water for a "power drink" so to speak. they also carried things of power with spirits in the stones and the stones were all carved but not like one normally things of faceted stones. they were odd shapes of curves and facets and every single one was different to suit the spirit within....

    sorry... i seem to have gone nuts here :)

    this is still an awesome piece. what happened to the original that you have forgotten the size and such?