Monday, May 4, 2009

On The Diamond

I have done a few pictures oriented like this. The idea came from another artist whose work I am not that fond of but this idea was a good one. I love working on the diamond, it makes you think differently and makes everything a bit more dramatic. The biggest problem is finding square frames. "King of the High Snows", 11 x 11 (I think), Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. (the blue background is not part of the original, it is just filler for the scan.


  1. is this one new or old. it looks like something i have seen yes?

    and just cause it is square does not mean you need a square frame. you could always do a diamond cut in a mat and frame it dynamically in a rectagular frame. maybe a tall one with this more towards the top to create tension and drama in the weighting of the framed piece. Like a window in a door kinda thing but well more dynamic and less door.

  2. You saw this at Pennsic (I had a large print in the shop). Yes, I could frame it in a non square frame, BUT I think it has more effect, is better visualy to do it in a square frame that is also "on the diamond".