Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainbow Messenger

Looking at things to post from my past works, I came across this. It is one of my all time favorite images. The glow from the Lilly and the overall colors just worked perfect for me. I did this as one of our Christmas cards several years ago. This was back before I could print real professional looking cards myself or through others. I could print color copies and that is how these cards were done. A color copy was printed, cut out and then glued to a card stock card. I still own the original and doubt I would sell it. "Rainbow Messenger", Acrylics on Canson paper. Aproximatly 5 x 8.


  1. Tristan, that's gorgeous. I wouldn't sell it either. I love the way the lily glows.

    By the way, Irises (re.your comment to my iris costume design) can be yellow, or white, or blue, or any color except bright red. Iris is the goddess of the rainbow!

  2. I love the wings, they are the best part of the image.

  3. Pretty wings, pretty pretty wings!

    Oh and to comment further on Irises. there are some astonishing Brown ones.

    and if i could ever get hold of it for a while to copy. one of the local people that sells plants has a catalog of japanese Irises that are all wood block prints of them. it was amazing!
    and thats about as red as an Iris gets. No true bright reds but some reds (i am not sure if Pyracantha has seen these since most are not very widespread) but yeah they can come in nearly any colour. purples and blues are most common but there are lovely yellows and browns and whites and other colours.

    the sad part is in doing the search to bring you these links... I am greatly saddened by IDIOTS THAT CANNOT TELL AN IRIS FROM A FRIKKEN ROSE! or even tropical flowers and other flowers. Irises are RATHER DISTINCTIVE!

  4. it also sucks that evidently after all that work links posted here are not clickable....