Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue and Black

Keeping with the theme...I bought a pad of colored card stock from Michael's (I think it was for "scrap booking") and it has 3 pages of each color, all nice and usable. This is a doodle, an experiment, just playing really. I love the dark blue and was happy with how this came out. Done on the diamond (the black around it is filler and not part of the art), in Prisma Colors and Acrylic. "Call of the Ocean" 12 x 12. Picture 35


  1. I like the picture. His hair looks like he's underwater, and the curves in it seem to harmonze with the spirals on his body. And he's certainly easy on the eyes ;-)

  2. watch out for color fading...even scrapbook stuff which claims to be permanent, isn't.
    The big square shape of scrapbook paper does invite some interesting compositions such as your square rhomboid.
    I constantly ask myself why I am so reluctant to draw pretty human figures. I can draw buildings in my sleep.