Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Experimental Web

I did a picture and posted it on FurAfinity in hopes of getting some input, feedback, suggestions etc. Well, I have gotten a couple but not much. SO, I am going to post it here with the same idea...

This is an anthropomorphic Peryton (a Peryton is a mythical/heraldic creature that is part deer part bird/eagle?). There are people on FurAfinity that do this creature very well and very elegantly. Mine is interesting but I feel he may need more. So the experiment is to get your ideas as to what I might add to this (if anything). I had originally thought I would put natural animal markings on him (stripes, spots or something). Now I am thinking Celtic knotwork or spirals or some other design markings on him might be nice. So what do you all think?? I may or may not add anything to it, but I won't know till I get some ideas from others. Picture 34


  1. The waist just seems... out of proportion... just seems too narrow, but that's just me probably... the waist just appears narrower than the head and about the width of the forearm doubled... just rubs me wrong.

  2. Hrmm, I'll take your word on it... I see the world different anyway, I can't remember peoples physical features, and I don't appreciate them much in art either heh.