Thursday, June 11, 2009

Experiment continued

Well I did not get allot of feedback on this but I ended up deciding to just add a small amount of white naturalistic markings to him and not anything "man made" or strong. "Anthro Peryton" with white markings variation.


  1. Most poeple are lurkers, i hate joining websites and the like, i perfer to just to look, i guess kinda like a web site peeping tom. So don't feel as if no one is reading. They are.

  2. I'm sure more people read than comment. I have Livejournal posts where I've gotten no comments, but have had people say something to me about that post in person.

    The white bandings seem to work for your perydon, and do look naturlistic.

  3. I understand about more people looking than posting. But liek a child, knowing your parents love you is not as good or comforting as having them say it once in a while!

    And thanks for the comments about the markings. It is subtle but belive me, I feel like it is now a more finished picture with them added.

  4. it really needed the markings. really! it gives it just that little finishing touch it needed.