Monday, June 8, 2009

Unknown Followers

OK, I know the majority of those following my Weble but there are 2 I am not sure of. SammyKhoo and Rhapsody the Bard, please introduce yourselves (I like to have some clue how you found me, know me or whatever). I think I know who the Bard is, but I want clarification. IF for some reason either of you don't feel comfortable telling me who you are or how you found my Weble, it's OK. I just like to know my audience :).

Thank you all for being followers of my Weble and for those who comment, thanks even more!


  1. i'd comment night and day if i had much to say, but sadly i don't.

  2. How do you know who is following your Weble? If there are 13 on the "followers" section where did you get 21?
    I have no idea who is looking at my By-Products Blog but I know at least 10 or 15 people look at it but don't comment.

  3. Oh, dim me. I saw "2 I" and I thought it was 21. Never mind

  4. lol, it's OK, I saw the same thing after I typed it. And also I find it funny I have 3 comments here, NONE from those 2 people.

  5. Hi Tristan!

    I am a friend of Dawn, I am a co-moderator of her site the Silmarillion Writers Guild (that must ring a bell!). :) She recced your webble and have added you my feeds ever since.

    Busy mom of a 3 year old son, 4 and a half month old daughter, living in the Netherlands. I write, do webdesigning, recently designed a bookcover, so I am quite interested in artwork of others. :)

  6. Thank You Rhapsody. I understand to some degree the 3 year old as I have been a nanny and now a regular babysitter for one of my SCA apprentice's allmost 2 year old (since she was a few montsh old). I love kids but I would get nothing done if I had 2 and if I had them all the time. So I appreciate that you have any time to look and comment.