Monday, June 1, 2009

Even Stranger Things

OK, my last post had a name badge I did for someone on FurAfinity. Turns out, I got it slightly wrong! So here is the correct picture of the character "Kemthis". He is very complex and I am just happy I got the details right and the guy who created him says I did it correct this time. 3 x 5 Acrylic and Prisma color on red board. Picture 33.


  1. YAY for weird layers of details! of course it kinda makes since when you are trying to be different in a world full of people who are all a limited amount of species. the little differences count a lot to people in trying to be unique though some can get carried away. I know that Akira i have seen many times in my dreams so there are details that are just him though thankfully they are not OMG he has three spirals on his left nipple and twelve dicks type of details :)

    i really like the look for this guy i must say.

  2. How to dub this creature then, I am going with dragon, a red one with a smile. I can't help but to look at the techniques you used here, however this being said, I only know the terms in dutch so forgive me if I am naming it wrongly. Did you use a sieve to give this painting a different effect?