Friday, June 26, 2009

OK, Not Gone Yet

If anything is posted after this before a week from now it will be our cats or the cat setter not me. LOL, I don't think you will see anything new for a while. Cat sitter wouldn't post I am sure.

I am not sure this is done but as I am in a rush, it is as close as it gona get for now. "Snake Dance", 6 1/2 x 17 approx. Acrylic and watercolor colored pencil on Canson board. Picture 39


  1. I like this a lot...I enjoy your depictions of ethnic and racial types which are not the usual pale white models. Is he half snake half man, or is he turning from snake into man, or vice versa?

  2. Thanks! He is half man and half snake...a Naga.

  3. Excellent! And an interesting (and beautiful) twist on the Naga which I more often associated with India and Hinduism than African. Hmmmm...which makes me wonder about how Hanuman would look in your capable artistic hands. Anyway, your anthropomorphic work is fascinating. Although not regularly commenting, I am popping in now and then and enjoying your interpretations.

    Hope you guys are having a good vacation. And "Hi!" to Don.

  4. Doc,
    Glad you like it. I love Hanuman but he is already anthro to start with so if I do a picture of him it will be somewhat traditional...or very naughty.

  5. I still need to draw the Naga Stripper where he is sexily shedding his skin.

    this one is quite nice! i do hope some of these awesome prints will be going to the WPAFW even though i have yet to refind the peas