Thursday, February 26, 2009

All Jon's Fault

Since my good friend Jon asked about the transition from the little boy to the dark adult I had to do this intermediate version. I would say the first picture was him equivalent to a 5 year old human, the adult one was maybe equal to a 25 year old human and this one is equivalent to a 12 year old human. The blue spirals are clearly not tattoos but energy patterns and his hair seems to have a mind of it's own. "Son of Two Worlds; Flow" picture 18.


  1. Having done him as a child, a youth, and a young man, I would be interested in seeing him as an old man. Or do spirit beings like him never grow old?

  2. I suspect that they continue to age but that it may be melinia before it shows.

  3. Tristan:

    Wow. I really like the evolution of this series. And I can't believe how quickly you created this!

    Facially, he reminds me somewhat of the batboy you designed another lifetime ago that you wanted me to sculpt for you. I still have those drawings somewhere, and I may still try and create him for you. I've been trying to find out how an armature gets appropriately suspended inside the casting material, but I still haven't gotten a good answer. I have asked my sculpting instructor, Jordu, but he didn't know, though he has friends who have created animation models that he promised to ask about it. I just haven't heard back from him yet on it. I know he's busy as anything, though, so hearing back from him is usually a treat in and of itself! ;)

  4. this is nice and i could see him as an older more powerful being like Pyracantha would like to see. covered in blue spirals of energy with thick gnarled horns and great wings. possibly more than one set. if i could do faces well i would be tempted to sketch him out.