Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elven Portrait

Dawn, I hope you don't mind. I did this from a somewhat bad photo so it's not the best likeness. Dawn as an Elf. picture 19.


  1. I don't mind at all! I'm still thrilled and excited! :D

  2. Glad you like it. I have to say, seeing it smaller and on the screen it looks more like you than I first thought. Now I am seeing things I would like to add.Since I don't write Elvish, if you had something in Elvish that would fit in the circle I could add some nice decorative writing around the picture.

  3. Fantastic work, Tristan! You have rendered Dawn's "elven" qualities beautifully.

    And in general, I love your shiny new...ummm weble.

    [You may know me from such venues as careening around the Met Museum of Art last spring. Please say "hi!" to Don for me.]

  4. Thanks Doc, I thought I recognized that eye as one that had veiwed the wonders of the Met with me. And yes, it's a Weble (pronounced Web L)thanks. :)

  5. damn you have been busy. wish i have been so busy. though i did make a salt light and a lantern out of a old glass jar and mica pieces and a little buddha altar out of a pringles can and some paper and stuff. (which i will try to take pictures of when it is done and post somewhere)

    this is very nice but then i do not know Dawn so i have no idea if it looks really like them or not though they seem to like it :)