Friday, February 6, 2009

This may be short

I reluctantly decided to get into this online thing and it seemed like a good idea at first. But since I am not getting any feedback, since it seems like a narcissistic exercise. I may just shut this down soon. I know only about 3 people ever really look at it and one of them is my husband. So it may not be long before this goes away.



  1. I can attest that journaling is work, especially to get a following. If it makes you feel any better, hundreds of people follow my writing, yet if you look at last month's blog posts, none even cracked the twenty-comment mark. It is discouraging, like talking to yourself in the dark, but if you want to make it work, it can. It just takes time.

    Anyway, I can never give much in the way of advice on your artwork, which is way above me, but I do have some expertise on webstuff, so if you want to make it work, I'd be happy to try to help you make that happen. You know where to find me. :)

    But, at the same time, I understand if you don't. It's a lot of effort and not always as rewarding as you'd probably want it to be. I say that as a four-year journaler myself. :)

  2. I look at it. I count.
    But you have to build up an audience for something like this. They don't come looking right away. You have to go out looking for people who might appreciate your art and invite them to visit here. I am always doing this. Eventually you create a little mini community on the web of other artists who appreciate each other's work. Then it goes on from there. I like what you've posted so far and look almost every day. Most days I don't get any comments on "Art By-Products" but I just put something up every day anyway.

  3. Invite them and they will come! :)
    I am an example of that...
    And I'm also a huge Tristan Alexander fan! And a proud owner of three of his pieces - which hang in my home. And...I hope to have more in the future!
    We may be few on here now...but we appreciate your artwork and what you have to share.
    I've never done anything like this online before (I'm so far behind the times!...I had to set up an account with a journal site just so I could post here!). Keep inviting people, like you did me...and slowly but surely it will grow. Your work is amazing and I'm sure that if people knew this was here, they would want to see it. I'm not on the Internet much...but I will look at this as much as I am on. Thank you again for telling me about it! Jaqui

  4. Tristan:

    Don't let small numbers discourage you. On average, about 1/10th of 1 percent of viewers post comments, and that's if you're lucky.

    So, instead, journal because YOU want to journal. Post images that you're proud to have created.

    And, above all else, don't feel that posting journal entries is narcissistic! As a very wise friend of mine once told me, "If you can do the things you claim you can do, it ain't braggin'."

  5. Tristan, it can take a while to establish a presence online, and sometimes you have to find the right community. I didn't get any real notice until I put my art on Deviant Art, actually, and even that is rather slow. Your work is so unique and wonderful, it needs to be out there on the web, in the world and on people's walls. I'm here, and I always tell people about your art. I'll see if I can put a link to your blog on my Deviant Art page, because tons of people look on there, and those folks would love your work.


  6. Thank You all for the support and advice. Pyracantha, it was after looking at your Weble that I decided it could be a good thing for an artist to have. Your work has always inspired me.
    Jaqui, thanks for looking and yes I will have prints of "Hunter" for the shop.
    Jon, I don't "want" to journal but I do want feedback to help make my work better. And while the statment about it not being bragging etc. is nice maybe Narcissistic was the wrong word, maybe mental/intelectual masterbation would be more accurate.
    Kris, considering how great your work is, I really appreciate the kind words and encoragement and I will try to be more patient when it comes to this online stuff.

    Thanks again everyone,

  7. Stick with the technocrap :) Just be patient my friend.

  8. Well if you are looking for a following i would suggest getting several online galleries. like Deviant art and Fur Affintiy for the anthro stuff and if you look around you can find others. there are a lot of popular artists out there that have a bunch of stuff scattered around from gallery to gallery but keep all their main stuff on a website of their own as well. basically like a teaser. FA otherwise known as Fur Affinity
    there is my gallery there. is easy to use and upload too. has a journal function which you could could even copy past general info to. as well as a huge description field for the art you post and comments there are easy as heck and if you post the good stuff they will come. and i know you have some nice nude anthro stuff so that will get you the serious followings. and you can meet other artists in the fandom and watch their galleries and such. it has a LOT of options and is really easy to use. i do not know much about Deviant Art since well it took me an entire day to get an account cause for some reason every derivation of Theadeaus and Akira Shima was taken and well i only got an account after getting really really mad and using profanity to fill in every single info spot... so now i am cunt biscuit on DA. not that i post anything under that name...

    Also some artists have multiple online journals here and there because that way you are more available to others. i know you hate this all anyway but i could prolly help you with Live Journal which is also easy to get you around in since responses are easier and finding groups to post on is pretty easy with a interest search. (strangely i have not really posted much of my art there but then i rarely get anything done anyway. but it is a easy html tag to do so from your main web page.)

    if you decide to do FA or LJ tell me and i can see how i can help you. heck i am still trying to get Portia to get a FA account for her anthro work. they even have a section for you to put up prices and procedures for commissions. check all you can see of my gallery. i do not get a lot of comments there and stuff since i do very little nudity let alone outright sexual stuff and that does seem what people like. but it will show you a lot of the neat features. besdies some people there already know of your existance since the stuff you coloured of mine is posted. and someone even used the colour you did of Apotheosis of Love for a figurine of Akira!