Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK, over a year ago I was commissioned to do a sequel to this picture. I have talked to the client and she understands I am having trouble coming up with the best picture for her. She is fine with erotic/explicit (as a matter of fact I think she wants it a bit explicit). All you artist friends and anyone else who wants to throw out ideas, please help. I have tried and tried and have almost nothing. I have a sketch (to bit to scan) of the figure on his back, arms behind his head, legs slightly spread...but that is all and it's ok but not great. I also have NO idea what to have the blue fairies doing to/with him.

I REALLY feel bad not having this done yet but I want it to be worth her money and I want to be happy with it. Any ideas will be appreciated.


  1. Hi Tristan:

    I think you have the right idea that for the sequel your figure should be turned on his back.
    The miniature humanoid near his head is feeding him a magic mushroom, while he has pulled down his pants and the two miniatures climbing on him are exploring our Gulliver's, uh, equipment and possibly climbing up the pole :-) if you know what I mean. I don't know just how explicit your client wants it to be.
    You knew I had that kind of imagination, right? Cheers, Pyracantha

  2. well if you want explicit! then i would suggest that they are gathering rare ingredients for a spell. and one of them is the nectar of Priapus. a spot of dew from the lily. i even have the perfect thing for them to collect it in. http://static-74-41-84-196.sdsl01.roch.ny.frontiernet.net/images/thumbs2/thumb_photo12068155864932.jpg
    otherwise known as Pixie Cup Lichens.
    they are native to this area
    http://www.ontariowildflower.com/moss.htm this has some awesome mosses and lichens you may like. British Soilders are one of my favoirte and in my area often grow with the Pixie cups. indeed this year i am making an effort to go gather some for a small terrarium.. at any rate i think a semi turgid member with one of the fae holding up a pixie cup to catch a drop of pre would be neat.

    other ideas might be that they have him rolled over and are dancing the maypole with little vines or something. or maybe have on absently braiding his pubes. after all there is a lot of mythology that says tangles in ones hair are from fairies. it is related to knot magic and the fact that knotted hair was an attempt at fairies getting control of you. possibly from the fact that madmen and woman who were considered touched by the fae and the wild were also not known for good hair care...

  3. Tristan:

    I haven't got any ideas about how to create a sequel to this painting. So, perhaps I shouldn't even be commenting on this work.

    But what I wanted to add is how you never cease to amaze me with the detail you're willing to put into the background of a painting. The petalwork on the ground cover is just endless, and I can't imagine another artist taking the time or making the effort to provide that level of detail in their work. It's like the wooden box you gave to me and Eileen as our wedding present. Only you, my friend, would take the time to actually PAINT a simulated wood grain onto your work! Or the incredible detail you added into the Haunted House drawing -- the parquet wood flooring, the dot shading along the glass, the silhouette of the dead tree through the rear window, the bat in the corner.

    Amazed as ever,


  4. Jon, the background on this is one of my more insane (I have a few like this) were every leaf is done individualy and has at least 3 colors on it with the base color, shading and a highlight. It makes for a very detailed picture though I offten wonder if it is worth the effort since very few people ever realy notice. I guess subconciously they might, but most don't seem to see all the work involved. Did you notice the gold coins in the grass? I am not sure they are clear enough in this scan but there are some brown leaves and some gold coins (fairy gold) which is what luered him into the fairy ring.

  5. Tristan:

    I noticed the objects on the right, but I did not assume they were gold coins. I actually thought they were some other type of fungi, fallen acorn-like seeds, or some such item.

    If the backgrounds were not as detailed as they are, the piece wouldn't be a Tristan Alexander. While some might argue that applying detail only to the main focus of the work is all that's necessary, I'd respectfully disagree. I wouldn't consider your work photorealistic, but photosurrealistic (a term I may have just coined here for the first time; quick, call the copyright office!); everything is logical and consistent within its own realm, it's just that that realm happens to be slightly attenuated to the neon side of life. ;)

    In awe as always,


  6. I say yes have him flipped on his back and have three fairies fisting him and at least one chewing his nipple. Now that my dear sweet lord is explicit.