Saturday, February 14, 2009

Painting at the Walters

Well, last night the Walters Art Museum had a reception for the St John's Bible, a modern bible done with modern art but produced all by hand in the way Medieval books were produced. It was very amazing. The actual Medieval books they had interspersed with the new bible in the show where spectacular!

The local SCA (my home Barony) was asked to come and be "color", walk around in garb and a few of us artist types were asked to do some illumination while there. I had preprepared (did the drawing and ink line work) for a couple scroll blanks. I expected the smaller one to be done way before my time was up, it wasn't. But I did get most of it painted while there and talked to various people about how it was done in Period.

I finished the little bit I had not gotten done at the museum once I got home and did the tiny bit of gold leafing as well. This is 4 x 5 1/4, done in egg tempera with gold leaf. For some odd reason the gold looks silvery in the scan and nothing I did adjusting color would fix it.


  1. I am guessing that the gold leafing is the little quiditch shapes amoung the leaves yes?

    tell me more about this style. i think it would be good to try out for me. it looks like it could evolve into something really awesome. i really need to start cutting my teeth on some period art. though i have some ideas for other things i want to try like some chinese stuff but i really need to learn some of this
    do you have links to any of the reference to this stuff.

  2. LOL, yes the lille dots are gold as is the area around the "L". I will have to send you some of my sorces so you can try youir hand at this stuff for sure.