Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny How Things Happen

I had a small (7 1/2 x 8) piece of reddish brown (rose?) Canson board and decided to just do whatever I wanted on it and try not to over think it. I have many photos for reference that I want to do pictures from but most just haven't found their form yet. This is one of those, the boy (yes, it's a boy even though I gave him really long hair) is from a great photo book from the 70's that I found at a used book sale. His pose, expression and hand position were things I wanted to try and capture in art.

Anime and many pictures I have recently seen by other artists influenced what came out. I love his horns and hair, the wings are not perfect but are interesting. The background and blue magical symbols do just what I wanted them to do. The piece is called "Son of Two Worlds; Protection". I already have plans to do an older version of him on black. Comments, critiques and questions as always are welcome.
Picture number 16.


  1. No fair! i do not think i have done anything that i can use as a print or original yet for the shop this year yet! but i have plans for some bigger stuff! :P

    this is really nice. i really like the colours and the pose. and my hair was almost that long as a kid once. hence the "you have a pretty daughter /granddaughter" comments i used to get. and we all know i love spirals a lot!

    also this system of weird words to post a comment is getting weirder... Preemo and some of the others almost words are hurting my brain meats...

  2. Funny, I knew he was a boy immediately ... or maybe I just know you well enough by now. ;)

    Do I see little leaf-shaped Elfesque ears there?

    Seen with the older version in the next picture makes me wonder about what happened in between the two: the innocence here and the darkness there. It would make a good story!