Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sparks of Inspiration

Ideas for pictures come from almost anything. I get them all the time, most never develop into anything. I am sure most of my artist friends would have similar comments about inspiration and what gets them onto one idea or another.

My last picture "Son of Two Worlds; Protection" sparked this one. I now wish someone would write a story with this character. This is the same character only grown up (he changed a bit).

"Son of Two Worlds; Control". Picture 17.


  1. You might live to regret the comment about someone writing a story about him ... ;)

    I love all the dark colors. I'd imagine (for me) that would be challenging: Trying to keep him from blending utterly into the background. And I love things with wings; one of my in-progress stories is about a race of winged people (originally entitled "The Wing├ęd") with wings a lot like his but pure white. Uh oh, now if one from their world and one from a completely different world ...

    What were you saying about inspiration? ;)

  2. Tristan:

    Really nice job on this painting. This is the adult version of the character done on the rose-colored board? If so, then I wonder why his skin color changed along with the shape of the horns. Not that it couldn't, I suppose; I'm just trying to figure it out in my mind. All creatures -- even fantasy creatures -- need to have a logical order to their physiognomy. Perhaps the young creature went into a chrysalis-like state and emerged as the adult creature. Or perhaps its skin simply darkens as it ages (though that doesn't explain how the recurve in the horns vanished unless the horns molt away from time to time).

    Yes, I know -- I'm thinking too hard! And this is NOT a criticism, other than I'd just like to know how, if they're the same creature, the young form matured into the adult form. The adolescent form could make an interesting painting.... ;)

    Okay. I'll stop here. I should just appreciate it for what it is. And I do. Heck, I can't even imagine how one can work with a base that's any color other than white! Your work continues to awe and inspire me, my friend!


  3. Tristan:

    Some days, I'm a real pinhead.

    I can't believe, after writing my previous note, that I just now realized that the adult create is double-horned. I'm feeling dumber than dirt. (Or perhaps dumber than Bob Bledsaw, which, as we both know, is pretty damn dumb!)

    I should have known better than to question your character design. And I should just stick to clay and never question a painting again. :(

    Feeling utterly humiliated and stupid (yeah, so what else is new?),

    Your apologetic friend,


  4. Jon, I understand. And I am glad you noted the horns changed but did not change shape. The adolecent form has been a thought,(I love to do series). The skin color, for me simply got darker with age OR maybe something happened to make him go dark. You can never be as dim as Bledsaw...I mean, come on! It is good to have someone ask these questions. Most of the time I have an answer but sometimes I don't and need to think about them.
    No need to apologise,