Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first whitevine style scroll

Whitevine is a very complex style of illumination and the lady I did this for is a master at the style. Insanely I decided to try my first attempt at this style for her. It is done in egg tempera, with gold leafing on velum. The calligraphy, horrible as it is, was done in oak gall ink ( a period ink). The whole things is small (5 x 8 maybe I forget).


  1. Ah white vine. someday i will be insane enough to do that. it really really appeals to my insane detail mind. and this is a close to celtic i think i will ever get considering it kinda has that feel without all the math.

    very nice stuff.
    is the red stuff also another type of oak gall ink? i wish i still had access to the place i used to live. there were oak galls everywhere. i used to play with them as a kid. could find fifty or more at any given time. used to pop them. (not that they made a big noise or anything but it was fun to see the insides.)

  2. Yes white vine is insane. The red is egg tempera, I have no colored ink and I do better "calligraphy" with a brush anyway.
    Oak gall is my prefered ink, definatly!