Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coming Soon

The last piece I did was a scroll for the SCA. It has not been given yet so I won't post it till after this weekend (when the person should get it). It is my first attempt at a very complex style called "white vine'. I did it all in egg tempera except the white which is an opaque watercolor and I did actual gold leafing on it. Using the actual period materials is harder than doing it in acrylics but over all I think it came out pretty good. I will post it Sunday most likely.

Before that I hope to post an Arabic style picture I am currently working on. It is not strictly proper Arabic but it is inspired by and done in a sudo-arabic style. It has gold leafing on it as well. It has been fun and interesting trying this style and I think when it is finished I will be happy with it. It may be posted later today or early tomorrow depending on when I finish it and get it scanned.


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