Sunday, March 1, 2009

Inspiration Strikes...sorta

I just saw a movie caller "Miss Potter" it was about Beatrix Potter and how she got her children's books published and her life etc. It was very sweet, very interesting and inspiring. Now, I know I am not going to create the next big children's book crazy or anything like that but it made me really want to write a little story and illustrate it and print some small books. With my art printer I could do a nice 5 1/2 x 8 book with full page illustrations in color. I just need to do a story that I can use for this. Lots of partial ideas but nothing that really grabs me and wants to be made yet. We will see if anything comes of this "inspiration". Someday I want to do a story for my two "Little Bat" pictures, each looks like a children's book illustration, but I don't think this is what I want to do right now. I include one of the "Little Bat" pictures just cause I hate posting without art.


  1. NOT the one from the tabloids, NO! He is A Bat Boy obviouusly.

  2. i actually have several (not childrens stories except the one but it ends badly when the sun kisses the beautiful earth and everything burns up...) stories in progress. one is entirely in haiku and someday i want to either make a scroll of it and illustrate it like a japanese scroll or make it into a folding book or codex.

  3. You and me both! Now I just need to get the illustrating bit down ... ;)

    By the way, totally off-topic, but the anti-spam system Blog(ack!)spot uses reminds me of some bizarre typing exercise. I got one wrong, and it scolded me in bright red letters!

    (And--OT2--if you start typing one and then close the window to add a random note at the end of your comment about typing exercises, it remembers the half-word you've already typed! ... I need to go to bed. :)