Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deeper, Deeper

I had hoped that my next post would be something new and different but it is being a bit harder to do than I had thought. So, here is another wet, merman picture. The scan is not the best but it's all I have as this sold fast. It was done on dark blue mattboard (if I remember right) and is in Prisma Color (with some white acrylic highlights, I think). The overall feel of this is very effective, I should do more like this. From 1994 "Deep Blue Sea".


  1. Is this picture very small? You don't give dimensions of the artworks you're posting. Sometimes a curious artist wants to know.

  2. I give the size on most. I forgot on this one. It was maybe 2 inches wide if I remember right and I am not sure how tall, mabe 6 to 8 inches.

  3. not much of the dark blue left. again something i used to do but got out of because of people being derisive. using the little scraps like this for things. There are an awful lot of artists that do that. i really need to stop letting those echos hold me back. but sometimes i don't know how.

    very awesome