Friday, March 6, 2009

The Whole Picture

Trying (and failing) to make a header that fills the frame given on this page I have added art to either side of my lettering. Pyracantha commented on that art and said it reminded her of Mayan art. Well I guess when you get only a small cropped version of a picture it takes on different aspects than when you see the whole thing. So, just so you can all see where it came from, here is the original picture that the header side art was taken from. I cropped it and mirrored it to get the look on the header.

"Valentene in the Sanctuary" full version, done in 2003.


  1. I know this will shock you, but he reminds me of an Elf. ;) I love the full version (I want to know more about him and so have locked the writing muses in the bathroom; it's Back to Middle-earth Month, and they need to worry about that and then finishing the several novels they've started), but it fits very well in the header as well.

  2. Well Dawn, if you ever get around to reading my story "Strange Delights" you will know more about Valentene.