Monday, March 9, 2009

Weble Whipped, New Work

Gee, it has been 2 days since I posted anything and I feel like I am failing or falling behind. I wonder if this Weble is part of the reason I have been so productive this year...we will see.

OK, now to the new picture. I found this face and had to paint it. He is just so cute! Oddly enough while trying to find butterfly wings that I liked I found a site with butterflies of Northern Illinois (I was born in Illinois). The wings used are based on one of those butterflies. His name/the title comes from the drop of dew on his finger. I considered having him wearing a necklace or arm band of dew but settled for the one drop on his finger. This is 9 x 10 on Moonstone Canson board. Picture 25 of this year. Comments etc welcome.


  1. I love the texture on the wings; they look slightly soft and fuzzy as butterfly wings do (on account of--entomology nerd warning!--the little scales on the wings). I really get that sense here.

    I aim to post on my weble once per week. I did find that putting my writing on LJ helped my productivity immensely, until I started getting mired by so many comments. I know, life is rough when you ask people to read and comment on your work and they do. ;)

  2. Tristan:

    This piece is just wonderful. I love the whimsical expression on this fairy (or whatever Fae creature he may be). I also really like how it ties in with the subtle posing of his hand, which seems to be gesturing to himself in a "Who, me?" way.

    How do you find time to keep creating such incredible work? You seem to crank out a painting with amazing amounts of detail in a few hours, whilst it takes me days just to paint (rather horribly, I confess) four latex half-heads.

    Have you ever thought about teaching art? I mean as a secondary career?


  3. Jon, I appreciate the kind words. I could never be a teacher. While I am good at seeing and encouraging talent, I am terrible at trying to guide someone who doesn't have talent or is just begining to find what they can do. My ability to create quickly is from many things but mostly it is as God's instrament (just a tool) and having a very active Muse (they are traditionaly the daughters of Zues, but mine is in the form of an 8 year old boy. Maybe my iner self/ child). I have had several periods of NOT being so creative, but this year for some reason he seems to be on speed! I just hope people buy the art I am now doing as I am running out of space to put it.

  4. it reminds me of something i saw recently. of a baby leaning in and eating a lemon. The baby just leans in at the lemon and takes a bite and then recoils quickly and shakes his head then looks at the camera and gets these HUGE EYES! and starts twitching his head! I laughed my ass off. which is bad since i have very little ass anyway and the one i have needs replaced since it has a crack and a hole in it...